I feel like+ (verb-ing)

The word I feel describes your expressing something to someone you would enjoy to do. When adding like is your very interested to do it or your comfortable to do the task. Here are some examples: I feel like to going for a long drive I feel like to sleeping I feel like to playing […]

I don’t have time to + verb

The word Don’t describes ‘do not’. When adding time to is your busy with other obligations to do it or your hurry in busy works. Here are some examples: I don’t have time to explain the reasons I don’t have time to pickup I don’t have time to watch movie I don’t have time to […]

I Wanna+(verb)

The word wanna is equivalent in the proper grammar would be want to. When combined with the word I it helps communicate something you want to. Here are some Examples: I wanna talk I wanna order some food I wanna marry her I really wanna see those fingers I just wanna play music I wanna […]

I have to + (Verb)

The word have to describe something that need to take place soon. The word have to expresses certainty, necessity or obligation. Here are some example: I have to switch school I have to use the telephones I have to leave I have to unpack my bags I have to go home I have to check […]

I used to + (Verb)

The word used to is considered modal verb, though an unusual one, since it is found in the past tense only. Used to say that something existed or happened repeatedly in the past not now. Here are some examples: I used to go walk every day I used to drink milk every day I used […]

I have + (Past participle)

Again, I have shows possession or something acquired. Now by adding past participle with I have, past participle means for regular verbs, adding -ed the base form creates the past participle. by adding past participle you are informing someone of past of completed actions done by you. Here are some Examples: I have done it […]

I have + (noun)

by using the word I have you are informing to someone about which you have or which you have acquired. I have a pet I have a car I have a big home I have a computer I have a headache I have a apple I have a cat I have a laptop I have […]

I m gonna + verb

The word gonna is equivalent in the proper grammar would be ‘going to’. When using word gonna is you are telling something to someone what you are planning to do at that moment or in future. Here are some examples: I m gonna ask you something I m gonna stop smoking I m gonna going […]

I m trying +(verb)

I am trying informs us to someone attempting accomplish work using physically. by adding verb is to I m trying you are pointing out the action what it is you are attempting to do. Here are some examples: I m trying to prepare tasty cookies I m trying to start business I m trying to […]

I’m getting

when we combining the word I am and getting you are telling somone you are hainging something, gaining possesion or being affected by something. Here are some examples: I m getting ready for bed I m getting ready to go out I m getting scared I m getting tired I m getting a new scooty […]