I m + Verb

I m is an contraction of the words I am .by adding a verb to I m this lets you express an action or occurrence about yourself. Here are some examples: I’m scared I am eating lunch I’m crying I’m cooking dinner I am dancing I am singing I am drawing I’m going to school […]

I’m good at

Good at informs us what you expert at are or comfortable to do it. Here are some examples: I’m good at drawing I’m good at singing I’m good at acting I’m good at swimming I’m good at reading I’m good at typing I’m good at speaking I’m good at cooking I’m good at stitching I’m […]

I’ am/in/at/on

We would use the word ‘in’ when entering a physical location such as a Temple or room or when something is located inside of the defined place. I am in a bus I am in a train I am in the lobby I am in the shower I am in the house I am in […]

Use Of I Am

When it comes to learning English, Vocabulary is probably the most important thing. Without the words, you cannot read, write, hear, or speak. English speaking basics is for English speaking beginners who need help to understand the basics of speaking English. We will use very simple phrases and expressions to help you to learn English. […]